Michael Schiavo called police at 4:30 am, and told them that he found his wife face down on the bathroom floor, and didn't know how it happened.  Michael Schiavo never told ER doctors that he picked his wife up, and slammed her to the ground after hitting her on the back of the head so hard that it caused her to go blind. The negligent hospital took X-Rays weeks later, which revealed she had broken bones, and damage to her spine. Michael Schiavo then hid these "smoking gun" medical records from his wife's parent's for 10 years. Extreme fear and pain causes the body to activate the "Fight Or Flight Response," which forces the body to excrete magnesium, which makes the blood more acidic and causes it to thicken. Severe magnesium loss will cause HYPOKALEMIA.  Unfortunately, this was not well known until 2007 (click here), long after Michael Schiavo had his wife put to death by telling a court of law that she no longer wished to live.  With the aid of Florida Hospice lawyers and Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush, who wanted to rid the State of people in nursing homes whose insurance money ran out, United States Citizen Theresa Schiavo was ordered to be STARVED to death by Judge George Greer, who was found to be legally wrong 3 out of 4 times when cases were brought to a higher court.

This Is The Documented True Story Of How American Citizen, Theresa Schiavo, Was STARVED TO DEATH By Her Husband, Michael Schiavo, and The Incompetent


This website contains a short biography of Judge George Greer and an extensive compilation of unedited SCHIAVO related court documents, affidavits, legal and medical data and analysis, and more.  The Watchdog Websites are neither Pro-Life nor Pro-Choice, nor Pro-Euthanasia, and do not support Judicial Independence.  The goal of the Watchdog Websites is a strict adherence to Constitutional Law, STARE DECISIS, and Due Process.  We present legal and medical facts, including the cause of Theresa Schiavo's hospital admission, and unedited, verifiable documentation. To this end, attorneys and others have been contacted for verification of facts.


Mini Biography: George W. Greer

Greer spent 22 years as a land use and zoning attorney before his judgeship was bought and paid for by land developers. Greer had so much money (campaign contribution$) that he ran unopposed. 

As a judge, Greer's rulings were reportedly overturned 3 out of 4 times on appeal. 

Until SCHIAVO, Judge George W. Greer's worst criticism was his "brokering" of the sale of a swamp to the City of Clearwater while sitting as a Pinellas county commissioner.  The swamp sale involved Greer's 1984 campaign aid, Timothy Johnson. 

SCHIAVO was Greer's zenith.  Theresa Schiavo was a young woman that x-rays revealed had a history of trauma, sustained while living with her husband, Michael.  On the morning of February 25, 1990, with only her husband present, she "mysteriously" suffered fractured bones, spinal injuries, and symptoms of "whiplash."  She was admitted to the hospital with the type of Hypokalemia (sudden severe drop of Potassium in the blood) found typically in people who had recently been beaten up in a car accident.  Unknown to most people, husband Michael Schiavo also had a knowledge of medicine. click here for 2OO2 report published by the National Institute of Health, a U.S. Government Agency.

Theresa Schiavo responded to sound, but was blind.  Greer allowed tests requiring sight to be administered to a blind woman to determine if she was aware of her surroundings.

Greer's rulings were so bad that lawyers in Palm Beach County, Florida, were reportedly sent a memo by the chief judge to refrain from discussing the SCHIAVO case.    “Judge Greer’s performance has been so deficient that he should be removed from the [Schiavo] case forthwith, if not impeached” - Attorney Wesley Smith (St. Pete Times, 3/18/05).   

Greer sentenced  Theresa Schiavo to death and refused to allow her one drop of water, subjecting her to a "punitive death."  Greer ruled contrary to established case law in SCHIAVO click here   

In spite of Judge George Greer, Theresa Schiavo's will to live was so strong that she survived for 13 days, without a single drop of water, resulting in worldwide criticism of the American Judiciary and heated debate.

Greer was asked by his pastor to refrain from coming to church.

Unlike opinions (Supreme Court Rulings) in CRUZAN, QUINLAN, and other "right to die" cases that ordered the removal of only ARTIFICIAL hydration and nutrition, Greer ordered the removal of  ALL hydration and nutrition (click here for Greer's FINAL ORDER).    This unlawfully included NATURAL food and liquids, which further infuriated many people around the world, including heads of State and the Papacy, the leaders of her religion. 

Few Americans were aware of the implication that the SCHIAVO case would have on them.   Until the SCHIAVO case, nursing homes and the government had to bear the cost of non-productive citizens when their insurance ran out.  After SCHIAVO, judges can now starve non-productive Americans by withholding food, based on testimony of their insufficient response on demand.

SCHIAVO was virtually a test case to save money for Nursing Homes, the State of Florida, and the Federal Government by euthanizing (legally starving)  non-productive American Citizens.  Removing ALL food and liquids (not just a feeding tube) would save even more money by speeding up the death process, an unlawful act in Florida.  SCHIAVO is no longer a test case, it is the LAW in Florida for humans whose insurance runs out, or are a burden to their families, the State, or a Nursing Home.

Judge Greer is is a prime example why virtually all courts spend tens of thousands of dollars annually to search people for weapons before entering courthouses.

Judge George W. Greer's lack of knowledge of QUINLAN played a key role in these blunder filled proceedingsand Greer's Evidence Tampering caused the wrongful death of Theresa Marie Schiavo - click here

Federal Judge James Whittemore, nominated by the wife of Pro-Euthanasia Attorney George Felos (husband Michael Schiavo's attorney and the former head of Hospice), unlawfully ignored "STARE DECISIS" set forth in QUINLAN, CRUZAN, and other "Right To Die" cases.  Whittemore wrongfully determined that Theresa Schiavo's "life and liberty interests" had been protected by the state.  This was an erroneous assumption,  because judge Greer had changed the order from "WITHHOLDING ARTIFICIAL LIFE-SUPPORT" to "the removal of nutrition and hydration from the ward."  Judge Greer's  FINAL ORDER included the removal of NATURAL hydration and nutrition, an act forbidden by Florida Statute and STARE DECISIS, which an appeals court (Federal Judge Whittmore) was bound to uphold - United States v. Washington, 872 F.2d 874, 880 (9th Cir. 1989) - but failed to do so.  (How many legal eagles caught this blunder?)


SCHIAVO presented the court with at least four challenges:

  1. Michael Schiavo reported that his wife left no will or written directive.

  2. Theresa Schiavo was not terminally ill, and it had been questioned if she needed a feeding tube, but husband Michael Schiavo reportedly ordered the Sable Palms Nursing Home staff to stop feeding his wife by mouth, and to stop giving her liquids orally. (Greer did not order the removal of the artificial feeding tube, he ordered ALL nutrition and hydration be withheld.  Theresa Schiavo was not allowed one drop of water. click here)

  3. There was a question as to her degree of mental awareness.  Many tests had been based on sight.  Michael Schiavo and the Courts did such a poor job of acting as her guardian that they were not even aware that she was blind.  Some in the medical community point to one video-clip as proof that Theresa Schiavo did not have PVS.  click here

  4. Although Michael Schiavo successfully sued claiming Potassium loss from treatment and Bulimia Nervosa  (click here), neither the treatment nor the Bulimia would cause the fractured bones and trauma that Theresa Schiavo had when she entered the ER, which was found by bone-scan within the valid 18 month period where Technetium would still be deposited on healing bones.  A smoking gun was published in 2002, that appears to indicate that the type of low Potassium that Theresa Schiavo presented with was caused by trauma -  click here.    Michael Schiavo reported his wife was ok at 2 AM, spoke to him, and gave him a kiss.  By his own admission, Michael Schiavo was the only person present who could have fractured his wife's  bones and inflicted other trauma on Theresa Schiavo between 2 AM and the time he reported her "collapse."

Michael Schiavo and the court were aware that Theresa Marie Schiavo could feel pain - click here.

The type of HYPOKALEMIA  that Theresa Maria Schiavo was diagnosed with is unique (serum K+ returns within limits within ~24 hrs, despite K+ supplementation), and is caused by inflicting TRAUMA (such as wife-beating and violent shaking of the victim, resulting in a stiff neck, plus neurological and skeletal trauma) within the previous hours.  These findings were published by the U.S. Government's National Institute of Health in 2002.  click here

For a detailed biography of George W. Greer, click here.


Many have asked if Judge George Greer is guilty of homicide.  The answer, as defined by Florida Statutes, appears to be YES:

  • Florida Statute §765.306  only allows the withholding of "life-prolonging procedures". click here

  • Greer's Final Order  ordered the removal of ALL nutrition and hydration (food and liquids).  click here

  • To "permit any affirmative or deliberate act or omission to end life"  is forbidden by Florida Statute (withholding NATURAL  nutrition and liquids) §765.309(1).  Greer not only permitted it, he ORDERED IT.  click here

  • Since the act in Judge Greer's Order is forbidden by Florida Statute, and Theresa Schiavo retained her Constitutional Rights, Greer appears culpable, but cannot be prosecuted because of "Judicial Immunity".

Michael Schiavo blamed his wife's "condition" on doctors who had treated her.  He collected 1.2 million in a court award from one doctor, and $250,000.00 from another in an out of court settlement.  Although prescription drugs may be "powerful," they do not break bones.  Doctors reported that Theresa Schiavo had recently fractured bones.  There was no new skeletal trauma to find at her autopsy, since all bones had healed.

  • Someone inflicted severe skeletal, neck, and head trauma to the person of Theresa Maria Schiavo, and she collapsed.

  • Theresa Marie Schiavo was taken to Humana Northside Hospital on February 25, 1990, and was diagnosed with Hypokalemia (low serum potassium).

  • Trauma causes Hypokalemia (study published by NIH in 2002, small study published  by NIH in 1994).

  • Theresa Marie Schiavo had severe trauma

  • Michael Schiavo was the only person present  who could have inflicted trauma upon the person of Theresa Maria Schiavo on the fateful morning of February 25, 1990.

Did Michael Schiavo kill his wife?  Coincidence or PROBABLE CAUSE?  click here




  • TV INTERVIEWS PUT MICHAEL SCHIAVO ON ROAD TO PERJURY - Theresa Schiavo was found laying face down on the floor by paramedics at 5:52 A.M. - click here.
    Michael Schiavo told police that Theresa Schiavo was ok and spoke to him at 2:00 A.M.   The National Institute of Health (NIH) reported in 2002 that TRAUMA is the cause of this quick-onset Hypokalemia - click here

    Michael Schiavo has not yet been charged as of May, 2006, and remains at large.  Judge George Greer, who prevented an investigation into the cause of Theresa Schiavo's beating, requested and remains under police protection.



  • THE SCHIAVO CASE WAS A TEST CASE TO PAVE THE WAY FOR EUTHANIZING BABY BOOMERS THAT WOULD BANKRUPT MEDICAID AND REDUCE HEALTH CARE INSURANCE PROFITS. NBC NEWS, June 10, 2007:  Alzheimer's Disease is expected to quadruple soon, as baby boomers age.  Other diseases are also on rise. 

    Euthanizing this non-productive drain on society will temporarily prevent government medical services from bankruptcy, and funnel more cash to defense and war efforts.

Loving husband, Michael Schiavo, reportedly mixed his wife's ashes with those of her cats, which he had also euthanized, and buried them all in a common grave.

Michael Schiavo stated in writing that his wife died on February 25, 1990.  He should know. click here

Go directly to:

Michael Schiavo:  Coincidence or PROBABLE CAUSE? 

The author, doing medical research, discovered a "smoking gun" - an obscure 1994 Government Study that revealed how Theresa Shiavo's hospital admission virtually parallels Emergency Room admissions caused by trauma such as physical spousal abuse - wife beating, which would account for her Hypokalemia diagnosis, cardiac arrest, etc.  This was further confirmed by a larger detailed study published by the National Institute of Health in 2002. 

Hypokalemia caused by trauma is unique in that blood serum K+ levels return to normal about 24 hours after trauma.  Theresa Schiavo, although receiving Ka+ electrolyte intervention, did not have K+ return to limits until about 24 hours later.  Closed head injury, neck trauma, elevated glycemic levels, along with cardiac arrest, irregular heartbeat, and and other Predictors, were also present. 

"Frequent Hypokalemia was noted immediately after trauma...   ...Admission Hypokalemia (K < 3.6 meq/l) was more frequent in those with closed head injuries (41.1% vs. 27.5%, P < .001) and in those who suffered spinal cord injuries (54.5% vs. 33.6%, P < .05). Hyperglycemia was more frequent with admission Hypokalemia (45.2% vs. 29.7%, P < .001). Hypokalemia occurred more frequently in younger patients (28.6 vs. 37.7 y, P < .001)..... ....Additionally, Hypokalemia was a positive predictor of ISS (P = .05). Hypokalemic patients more likely needed a ventilator, (26.6% vs. 16.5%, P < .01)....
click here for 2OO2 report published by the National Institute of Health, a government agency.

Additional skeletal trauma to Theresa Schiavo was documented at her autopsy.  

Although Michael Schiavo claimed that Theresa Schiavo drank 10 to 15 glasses of iced tea per day (which could reduce electrolytes), iced tea would not fracture his wife's bones.  According to the National Institute of Health, TRAUMA is the proximate cause of severe Hypokalemia (Theresa Schiavo's admission K=2.0, which is morbidly severe).  Husband Michael Schiavo was the only person present to inflict that trauma.

click here to ensure Hypokalemia. 

click here for information on potassium in your diet



This website also exposes a study documented by the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH (NIH) about how easily Michael Schiavo, an EMT who knew that his wife could feel pain, possibly committed the "perfect" crime. (click here for deposition,  or  click here for Doctor's exam)

Theresa Schiavo was admitted to Humana Hospital - Northside (click here for ER report) with a diagnosis of HYPOKALEMIA (low potassium in the blood). Michael Schiavo based a lawsuit on the hospital diagnosis of HYPOKALEMIA, and collected millions.  HYPOKALEMIA is now known to be caused by trauma, such as wife-beating.  Michael Schiavo was the only person present on the night of this unsolved crime, that could have inflicted trauma and bone fractures on his wife (*click here*).

The first "smoking gun" was a 1994 study, 4 years after Theresa Schiavo's hospital admission, that HYPOKALEMIA was found in the majority of TRAUMA victims brought to the Emergency Room.  In 2002, a larger NIH study revealed that HYPOKALEMIA was more severe in trauma victims with closed head injuries at virtually double the average trauma rate (click here for government report).  HYPOKALEMIA increases when spinal injuries are present with other trauma. 

Symptoms of Hypokalemia include irregular heartbeat and cardiac arrest. Trauma to the body can turn on clotting enzymes that can result in a blood clot in the brain at the Foramen of Magendie, causing NONCOMMUNICATING HYDROCEPHALUS and even blindness. Slamming a spouse to the floor might also result in a spinal fracture and sacroiliac and ankle joint trauma.  Skeletal (bone) trauma shows up on a bone scan with the use of Technetium, a radioactive tracer.  Theresa Marie Schiavo reportedly had all of the above symptoms, which appear to be consistent with severe physical spousal abuse.  She also had an argument with husband Michael, and reportedly wanted to divorce him.  more  Michael Schiavo was the only person present when his wife received these and other injuries. 

If this cause of HYPOKALEMIA had been known in 1990, Michael Schiavo could have possibly become a homicide suspect, or possibly arrested.  If the NIH studies had been published prior to Michael Schiavo's lawsuit for his wife's medical diagnosis of HYPOKALEMIA, he might have been jailed for fraud and/or attempted homicide, but instead collected million$ in a suit against his wife's doctor for  HYPOKALEMIA (low blood Potassium).

Michael Schiavo reportedly used sensory deprivation techniques found in the de-classified CIA's KUBARK Manual.  click here for the CIA KUBARK Interrogation Manual  section on Sensory Depravation (torture)  or  click here for complete KUBARK Manual  //  KUBARK CIA Manual background


SCHIAVO highlights include:

  1. A spouse, Michael Schiavo, with documented questionable motifs, found alone at a scene where trauma to an unconscious victim was involved, was never investigated for assault and battery, and was allowed to sit in "Substituted Judgment" for that "incompetent" victim.  This raised questions of "DUE PROCESS."

  2. Judge George Greer violated Florida State Statutes and Judicial Canon (judge George Greer, as Theresa Schiavo's proxy guardian, and unlawfully became a litigant in a trial in which he was the sitting judge).

  3. Michael Schiavo acknowledged under oath that "many doctors" told him that his wife could feel pain.  Michael Schiavo was an Emergency Medical Technician at the time. Click here for deposition.  No records exist that counter this deposition that Theresa Schiavo no longer could feel pain.    This violates both Federal and State "CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT" constitutional provisions.

  4. Theresa Schiavo was diagnosed with PVS after her medical insurance and lawsuit awards began to be depleted by attorney George Felos and others.  The fact that she did not drool, and swallowed her saliva, is contrary to a diagnosis of PVS. 

  5. The fact that the Court erred by not knowing that Theresa Schiavo was blind, and thus could not make an informed ruling as to the "response to environment" issue, is an indication of how incompetent  George Greer is as a judge.  Greer's rulings have been overturned 3 out of 4 times on appeal, a screw-up rate of 75%.

  6. NATURAL hydration and nutrition were withheld by circuit judge George Greer, and UNLAWFULLY upheld  by a Federal Panel (A FEDERAL PANEL must ADHERE to "Stare Decisis"), construed by experts as an act of treason by the judiciary (WARRING AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION).  Greer violated his original order re: ARTIFICIAL hydration and nutrition, and wars against "STARE DECISIS" by his removal of NATURAL hydration and nutrition.


Columbia Law School - A Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases
Law Professor blogs
Virginia Capital Case Clearinghouse A resource for Defense Lawyers



Greer was a land-use/real estate attorney for 20 years, and also served as a County Commissioner.  As a County Commissioner, Judge George Greer sold a Mangrove Swamp to the City Of Clearwater, Florida, for his campaign aid.  The sale was exposed by The St. Petersburg Times.  

This website would not exist if Judge George Greer and the Appellate Courts had followed "Stare Decisis," rather than legislating from the bench and affirming removal of NATURAL hydration and nutrition, in conflict with Supreme Court opinions in CRUZAN and other cases. Greer's ruling (constituting CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT for Theresa Schiavo,  brought international focus on Greer from heads of state, including the Vatican, and intervention by Congress, the Governor, and the President. 

The Appellate Court also failed.  An appeal court's panel is "bound by decisions of prior panels unless an en banc decision, Supreme Court decision, or subsequent legislation undermines those decisions." United States v. Washington, 872 F.2d 874, 880 (9th Cir. 1989). 

SCHIAVO sets a dangerous precedent for every American in that every citizen is now subject to the deprivation of natural food and water by a judge, which presents a constitutional conflict and goes against prior US Supreme Court opinions.  "Stare Decisis" only permits the withdrawal of ARTIFICIAL nutrition and hydration.  The full opinion of CRUZAN is given here for your convenience, with the word ARTIFICIAL in bold red type.

George W. Greer is most remembered for Judicially ordering the death of a mentally handicapped blind woman with a speech impediment who was documented in sworn affidavit to feel pain, because she did not respond "productively" to her environment.  Greer had unlawfully acted as the ward's proxy guardian, but cannot be prosecuted because of "Judicial Immunity."  A notice at Florida's Palm Beach County Courthouse reportedly instructs lawyers to refrain from publicly degrading Judge George Greer.

During the Alito Supreme Court Confirmation hearings on December 12, 2006, ranking Sen. Patrick Leahy referenced the Schiavo Case numerous times. This further indicates the still smoldering embers between the U.S. Supreme Court and the checks and balances of Congress.

Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Fellos, looted Theresa Marie Schiavo's $800,000.00 medical trust account.  Attorney George Fellos, Chairman of Hospice, was the woman's "caregiver," as defined by Florida Statute, making his action unlawful.  Fellos has not yet been charged as of this writing.


The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.    

-Thomas Jefferson


"It is the duty of the General Government to guard its subordinate members from the encroachments of each other, even when they are made through error or inadvertence, and to cover its citizens from the exercise of powers not authorized by law."

  --Thomas Jefferson: Official Opinion, 1790. ME 3:88

Medical Examiner contradicts himself about validity of Schiavo autopsy by statements made in death of youth

Put to pen by Silence Dogood,
widow of a country minister, Enemy to Vice, Friend to Vertue [sic], loving friend to clergy and good men, mortal Enemy to arbitrary government and Unlimited Power.

Michael Schiavo is not a doctor, but he certified his wife's death in writing on her tombstone as February 25, 1990. Michael Schiavio euthanized his wife and killed her cats. He buried them all together in one common grave.  Perhaps the cats told him and his brother, Brian Schiavo, that they also no longer wished to live.



If you thought SCHIAVO was a "Right To Die" case, you are dead wrong.  This is a tale of pure greed, government NOT by the people, but by a Corrupt judge with many hidden agendas, an attorney who received most of the million dollar award from a patient in his position of CAREGIVER as chairman of hospice, an act forbidden by law, a possible homicide by the husband, and judicial misconduct.  Many people have threatened to kill George W. Greer, and with good reason. 

Against Florida State Statutes 744:309(1)(b) and Judicial Canon (personal knowledge of a case), Judge George W. Greer, a typical Florida lawyer, appointed HIMSELF Proxy Guardian of Theresa Schiavo - the judge became a litigant in a case in which HE was also the judge, making this one of the most legally corrupt trials for the world to see.

Greer did not remove "ARTIFICIAL" nutrition and hydration from Theresa Marie Schiavo, as was consistent with QUINLAN, CRUZAN, and other similar "Right To Die" cases.  Greer ordered the removal of BOTH natural AND artificial hydration (liquid) and nutrition (food) in ANY form, from a woman who was medically documented as being capable of swallowing. 

As a rogue judge, Greer's bad rulings have been overturned 3 out of 4 times on appeal, a screw-up rate of 75 percent. Attorneys Scheck and Neufeld of THE INNOCENCE PROJECT have determined that 1 out of 3 Defendants in the cases they reviewed, were found guilty because of bad lawyers and judges.  Greer, who actually sold a swamp for his campaign buddy to the City Of Clearwater, Florida, ranks high on the list of Florida's mostly incompetent judges.  Greer has become the new "Poster Boy" for why U.S. Courts search everyone for weapons, to prevent judges and lawyers from being killed by citizens seeking justice.  It is a pity that the United States has sunk so low that it judicially murders its non-productive and aged citizens.

Evidence existed that the husband, Michael Schiavo, possibly punched his wife in the chest, slammed her to the ground, causing a compression fracture to her spinal column (L1), and skeletal trauma to the sacroiliac joints, femur, ankles, especially the right, et.  This possibly resulted in the medical condition (HYPOKALEMIA) and a blood clot in the brain at the Foramen of Magendie, causing NONCOMMUNICATING HYDROCEPHALUS (consistent with a blow to the back of the skull, for which the husband used almost all of the remaining $700,000.00+ from his wife's medical rehabilitation trust to have her killed, and her body cremated. 

The parents of Theresa Schiavo learned about their daughter's broken and fractured bones for the first time in 2002, because attorney George Felos culpably aided and abetted Michael Schiavo to conceal evidence of trauma in an incompetent person.  The Schindler Family (parents) filed a motion with the court. 

Judge George W. Greer suppressed discovery that could have lead to the indictment of the husband, Michael Schiavo, for attempted murder and battery, and was likely responsible for her present condition.  Greer dismissed the Motion (request) for the cause of Theresa Schiavo's damaged ribs, pelvis, femur, and other bones, plus a compression fracture of her spinal column, calling it "interesting."    NOTE: Hypokalemia (low serum Potassium) is present in 50% - 68% of trauma victims, according to the National Institute of Health.  Thus, Judge George W. Greer judicially aided and abetted a possible capitol crime.

So why wasn't the Federal Courts interested in justice? Ask U.S. District Judge James Whittemore, who rejected a request by Theresa Marie Schiavo's parents for federal judicial review, claiming the ward had due process in earlier state court proceedings.  Whittmore argued before the U.S. Supreme Court in Wainwright v. Greenfield, 474 U.S. 284 (1986), that a criminal suspect's silence after he received the Miranda warning could not be used at trial to discredit his insanity defense.  But Theresa Schiavo's silence was apparently positive proof that she wanted to die.  When she did laugh or utter a word, Greer ruled that they weren't clear enough.  Greer is one, sick, pup!

U.S. Federal District Judge James Whittemore was nominated for his judgeship by Constance McCaughey-Felos, wife and co-counsel to attorney George Felos until 2001.  A conflict of interest existed between Attorney George Felos, Michael Schiavo's attorney, and the judge who heard his case. 

George Felos has a few skeletons in his closet, along with "Judge" George W. Greer.  Attorney Felos illegally took about half a million dollars of Theresa Schiavo's Trust (he was Hospice Chairman, and therefore was her CAREGIVER by Florida Statute, and could not legally touch her money.  Judges are also protected by a law they made called "Judicial Immunity."

Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist in  "CRUZAN," recognized the need for NATURAL food. Judge George W. Greer went against this Supreme Court Ruling ("Vertical Stare Decisis").




Author's note 

Summary of the SCHIAVO Case:
After reportedly talking to her brother, Robert Schindler, and a close friend, Jackie Rhodes about divorcing her husband, Theresa Marie Schiavo was admitted in a non-responsive state to Humana Northside Hospital ER on February 25, 1990, with head trauma, similar to that caused from a blow to the back of the head, and presenting with seizures, tachycardia and cardiac arrhythmias, coma,
and elevated RBC count.   These symptoms are consistent with SEVERE TRAUMA  and physical spousal abuse, and or together with toxins such as ingestion caused by acute nicotine poisoning (found in multiple nicotine tabs for smokers, or ingestion of nicotine containing insecticides, such as "Black Leaf 40," or similar toxin or the administration of an overdose or "cocktail" of prescription drugs. 

She also presented with skeletal trauma, elevated serum glucose, and Hypokalemia (low serum Potassium), found in 50% to 68% of trauma, including spousal abuse victims, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH) research

Skeletal trauma  to Theresa Schindler-Schiavo, consistent with physical spousal abuse2, reinforced by the stiff  neck noted in the hospital release report and March 5, 1991 bone scan report, was detected through Technetium uptake in the sacroiliac and ankle joints, L1, and  several ribs (consistent with a hard blow to the chest).  After 2 negative CT scans, a CT scan on 3/30/1990 revealed NONCOMMUNICATING HYDROCEPHALUS, usually caused by a blood clot obstructing the CSF outflow from the brain at the Foramen of Magendie.  This was not seen in two previous hospital radiology reports. 

Within 48 hours of admission to Northside Hospital, Michael Schiavo had his employer, Attorney Daniel Grieco, draw up papers to assign himself sole guardian of his wife, with the ability to make all legal and medical decisions on her behalf.  Michael Schiavo suppressed information and medical reports, including a hospital exam by Dr. Hamilton, an orthopedic surgeon, made shortly after admission.

Since Michael Schiavo controlled medical information and records, the Schindler family first became aware of the skeletal trauma in November 2002, after unsorted records were turned over to them through court ordered discovery.

Judge George Greer dismissed a motion that could have resulted in the indictment of Michael Schiavo for the attempted murder of his wife, referring to it as "interesting."   Hypokalemia (low serum potassium) is also caused by trauma (click here for the National Institute Of Health government research).  Other Doctors also questioned the causative hypokalemia dx click here.

Michael Schiavo stalked and threatened one of his next girlfriends, Cindy Shook (married surname: Brasher), for almost a year after they broke up, and even attempted to run her car off the road.  While intimately involved with her, he euthanized his wife's cats (Cindy Shook had a dog). Click Here for Cindy Shook's  deposition.

A reportedly forgotten "smoking gun" - a deposition of Michael Schiavo, a graduate Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), revealed that the husband knew that his wife, Theresa Schindler- Schiavo, could feel pain.  In that same November 19, 1993 deposition, Michael Schiavo, as guardian of his incapacitated wife (and her $763,000.00) fss§ 744.3215(1)(d), willfully admits CRIMINAL SOLICITATION by ordering the Sable Palms Nursing Home to not treat an infection that could result  in the death of his wife fss§ 777.04(b), with intent to do bodily harm to the person of Theresa Schiavo, a third degree felony fss§ 825.102(c), assisting in self murder fss§ 782.08, a second degree felony, with full knowledge that the act could/would result in sepsis [sic] (septic shock), resulting in death, a premeditated act fss§ 782.04(1)(a) and a first degree felony.  This also is a felony under fss§843.0855(3)-Simulating Legal Process.  This order was refused by the Sable Palms Nursing Home according to Michael Schiavo, who was informed by the nursing home that his request violated Florida Law.  Mr. Shciavo was in a relationship for eight months previously, and was 3 months into his current relationship.  A divorce could cost him the proceeds of his wife's portion of the lawsuit, and expose him to possible prosecution for abuse or attempted murder. 

Because of the above solicitation, Michael Schiavo is not qualified as a guardian under fss§ 744.309(3) by virtue of fss§ 435.03(2)(b) by virtue of fss§ 782.04(2)(i).  Any of the above also falls under the Doctrine Of Unclean Hands, an Affirmative Defense which would have prevented Michael Schiavo any access to the court as a plaintiff in an action.

According to Department of Children and Families supervisor Susan McPhee, Michael had denied Terri medical treatment and isolated her in her hospice room with the blinds closed.  Her treatment was so bad that four teeth had to be pulled in 2004, to allow her to live long enough to be put to death by court order.  read more

The "FELO DE SE" Substituted Judgment sentence of starvation, doubly compounded by the court-ordered withholding of water in ANY form, triply compounded by pain without anesthetic, quadrupled by such a strong will to live that the victim struggled for life for an unprecedented 13 days (compared to the original estimate of 7 - 10 days), appears to make the Schiavo case a textbook Eight Amendment violation of the U.S. Constitution, and a violation of The Constitution Of The State Of Florida, Article 1, Section 17.   A recent video indicates this ability is still intact, and the ward moves head, then reaches upward with her left hand, followed by her right hand.  click here  Due to lack of physical therapy, joint pain and stiffness result  click here, and her range of motion is between 3 to 4. The fact that she is not seen to drool, is prima-face evidence of her ability to swallow liquids, making her dx inconsistent with PVS, and possibly the need for a feeding tube, which saves nursing facilities staff time by not having to spoon feed residents.

The Hospice Of The Florida Suncoast, Inc was obligated by Federal Law governing a Hospice; 42 CFR 418.60: Condition of participation--Continuation of care.  A hospice may not discontinue or diminish care provided to a Medicare beneficiary because of the beneficiary's inability to pay for that care. This law held Hospice and Hospice Chairman (attorney) George J. Felos financially accountable. 

Attorney George J. Felos, as Chairman and Board Member of Hospice [as defined in FSS§415.102(8)], was Theresa Schiavo's "CAREGIVER" [as defined in FSS§415.102(4)] and used $400,000.00 of the ward's funds  [as defined in FSS§415.102(5),(7)(a)(1),(7)(2)(b)(4)] to commit NEGLECT [as defined in FSS§415.102(15)], and Judge George W. Greer was the ward's PROXY GUARDIAN, during which time similar Statutory Laws applied to the judge.  But Judge George Greer violated Florida State Statute 744.309(1)(b) and Canon 5(E)1 and 2 of the Florida Judicial Canons, by serving as Proxy Guardian (Greer became a litigant).   This resulted in the judge and the attorney committing FRAUD UPON THE COURT.  This, together with the husband who came before the court with UNCLEAN HANDS, subjected Theresa Schiavo to a cruel and unusual death by withholding ALL nutrition (food) and hydration (liquids).  Discrimination, in the form of withholding ice chips normally given to a dying patient, was discriminately withheld from the starving, dying ward, by the heinous Order of Judge George W. Greer, while attorney George J. Felos told the media how peaceful she looked. 

Religious justification for euthanasia: Father Gerard Murphy, a Roman Catholic Priest, erroneously testified on January 24, 2000, as an "expert witness" on behalf of Michael Schiavo, that the Pope  set the tone for the Catholic Church's position on End Of Life Decisions, and that "pulling the plug" is ok.  This was later contradicted in affidavit by Bishop Robert N. Lynch, and the present teachings of  Pope John Paul II, known for his anti-euthanasia, Pro-Life, steadfast SANCTITY OF LIFE stance.  The Papacy requested intervention in the Schiavo Case on behalf of the Vatican, the Papal seat of the Roman Catholic Church.  

>>> Note: According to a spokesperson for the Saint Petersburg Dioceses, Father Gerard Murphy was never a spokesperson or consultant for the Dioceses, and had a rare and painful bone disease.  At no time did he speak for the Dioceses, or the position of the Catholic Church.  Father Gerard Murphy's January 2000 testimony was in direct conflict with the directive of Pope John Paul II, religious Head of the Roman Catholic Church.  This was properly and timely presented by Attorney David C. Gibbs, attorney of record for the Schindlers, which Judge George Greer, a real estate attorney for 22 years, promptly ignored.  Judge George W. Greer was requested not to return to his own Baptist Church in a letter from his Pastor sent to the courthouse.


It will be interesting if George W. Greer is included in a wrongful death action, not as a judge with judicial immunity, but as self-appointed "litigant" in the form of Proxy Guardian of Theresa Schiavo.

Felos and Greer appear to have maliciously prosecuted the Schindler family, limiting visitation, preventing photography by the parents of their own daughter, and authorizing the hiring of guards to enforce this, while using funds from Theresa Schiavo's trust.

Exculpatory discovery had to be suppressed by Greer  to preserve the Status Quo dx of PVS, otherwise, Felos, Greer, Schiavo, the hospice, et., could be libel for possible billions in compulsory and punitive damages for medical malpractice/fraud/wrongful death/collusion/misuse of Federal Funds/et., in TS and other patients.    Exculpatory "evidence" reportedly surfaced: some of the brain and skeletal trauma  possibly occurred AFTER the ward entered the hospital, and / was consistent with abuse and / or trauma, according to an experienced Radiologist. 

This marks the first time in history that world opinion, including the Vatican, was divided because a judge and an attorney, together with a husband, got together to heinously torture an American Citizen to death.  BUT this time - they left a paper trail:  


Case Standing:

SCHIAVO falls somewhere between CRUZAN and [the] CONSERVATORSHIP Of WENDLAND, who was in a "minimally conscious state in that he does have some cognitive function" and the ability to "respond to his environment," but not to "interact" with it "in a more proactive way." 

SCHIAVO differs because of the cruelty of the Order - WHICH DOES NOT MENTION "FEEDING TUBE," but removes ALL nutrition and hydration, not just "ARTIFICIALLY DELIVERED" as in other cases. 

Case Uniqueness: 

Conflicts of interest, and legal bumbling by Judge George W. Greer, second only to Attorney George J. Felos, and other witnesses, make this case unique.

George W. Greer violated Florida Statutes, Judicial Canon, and "Stare Decices" (previous opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court) in the SCHIAVO case, including appointing himself "Proxy Guardian," forbidden by law under Florida State Statute 744:309(1)(b)

"No judge shall act as guardian after this law becomes effective, except when he or she is related to the ward by blood, marriage, or adoption, or has maintained a close relationship with the ward or the ward's family, and serves without compensation."

Background of Judge George W. Greer:

George W. Greer spent over 20 years in private practice as a zoning and land use attorney.  He is reportedly legally blind, and is best known for his ties as county commissioner to the sale of a mangrove swamp to the City Of Clearwater for a $1.600,000.00 profit (until the St. Petersburg Times newspaper uncovered the scam). Greer was also cited for hunting without a license and underage drinking. read biography

Who Stood to Gain?

The real story is that Hospice is mostly funded by Federal Medicare tax dollars and the Insurance Industry, and both save money every time a Terri Schiavo or Alzheimer victim is euthanized.  The Attorneys, Judges,  States, and Insurance Company Shareholders are paid out of the spoils. 

At the inception of Social Security, there were 16.3 working people paying for one person receiving Social Security. Today the ratio is 3.2 to 1 (3.2:1), and by the year 2017, the ratio will be 1:1

Tax-Paying Citizens are what the Federal and State Governments want, and insurance companies don't like to pay claims, and Hospice MUST pay for patients who run out of money or Medicare benefits.

This time the system was exposed because of too many conflicts, too many broken laws, and too much public attention to judicial euthanasia.



CT Scans: Theresa Schiavo's brain CT was compared by Dr. Ronald E. Cranford, a neurologist, to an average person's CT.  Cranford is a staff member of Minnesota's Hennepin County Medical Center.  Dr. Cranford's interests include "right-to-die" -and- "physician-assisted suicide" -and- "euthanasia."

Dr. Cranford's CT comparison of normal 25 yr old Brain CT v. Schiavo

CT of 75 yr old normal woman, who had 1 seizure

Per Dr. CBB, a respected Radiologist: Schiavo's CT should have been compared to other mentally handicapped adults.

Below LEFT: CT brain scan of stroke victim
Below CENTER: Theresa Schiavo' CT brain scan
Below RIGHT: CT scan of a 53 year old male presenting with Alzheimer's 

CT scan of the brain of a stroke patient. Dark areas indicate reduced activity.

CT scan of the brain of Theresa Schiavo. Dark areas indicate reduced activity.

CT scan of the brain of an Alzheimer patient. Dark areas indicate reduced activity.

Stroke CT


Alzheimer CT

Click to enlarge

Kate Adamson beat 1 in 1,000,000 odds, and recovered from PVS. click here


On March 31, 2005, Judge George Greer Murdered [according to Cardinal Renato Martino, a top Vatican official] Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo by starvation.  Judge Greer, as proxy guardian of the ward, provided "Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel, and "Fraud Upon The Court."  He had, in court records, page 88 of Michael Schiavo's December 19, 1993 deposition, in which Michael Schiavo, a graduate Emergency Medical Technician, acknowledges his wife can feel pain. click here for Deposition transcript 

Perhaps the unlawful taking of lives by the Judiciary is the reason why Judges have become targets.  This site attempts to detail some of the many laws broken in the SCHIAVO case.

Judge Greer was a Zoning and Land Use attorney for 22 yearsHitler also dealt with land, and killid people he judged to be inferior
Both of these men broke the law, and Judged who should live or die.
One used gas, the other tortured his victim who could feel pain.
 Both used ovens to get rid of their victim's bodies. 


Summary of Expenses Paid from Theresa Schindler-Schiavo's Medical Rehabilitation Trust Account:

In a November 1993 Petition, Michael Schiavo alleges the 1993 guardianship asset balance is $761,507.50


Atty Gwyneth Stanley
Atty Deborah Bushnell (HOSPICE)
Atty Steve Nilsson
Atty Pacarek
Atty Richard Pearse
Atty George J. Felos   (HOSPICE)



1st Union/South Trust Bank


Michael Schiavo


Total  $545,852.34

A hospice that enrolls Non-Terminal Patients and bills Medicare, Medicaid or a private insurer for a non-terminal patient, violates their contract to provide services for the terminally ill, and commits fraud.

Thus, Theresa Schindler-Schiavo had to die, without any contrary non-terminal diagnosis by another medical authority, to protect Attorney George J. Felos, Judge George W. Greer,  and The Hospice Of The Florida Suncoast, Inc, from any liability. 

In an unrelated case, a family member was reportedly offered $219,000.00 to "go away."  click here

Disclaimer: Nothing contained herin is to be construed as Legal or Medical Advice.  This treatise does not seek to take sides, but to point out irregularities in this case.








Videos of Theresa Schiavo

There was a "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" order placed by Michael Schiavo on his wife in 1993.  Had she not been able to swallow, saliva would collect in her lungs, causing sepsis, which would result in death.  Theresa Schindler-Schiavo did not aspirate saliva, nor was she seen to drool, a sign of NOT being in PVS.


Michael Schiavo can reportedly make over $8,000,000.00 from his wife's death.  click here




COURT RULING click here

Judge George W. Greer's Ruling in the Schiavo Case has drawn worldwide attention and wrath, due to its unprecedented contempt and departure from established case law and state statutes - CRUZAN, QUINLANWENDLANDBrophy v. New England Sinai Hospital, fss§ 744.3215(1)(d), and deviation from worldwide standards for acceptable euthanasia (click here)

In WENDLAND, it was found: "minimally conscious state in that he does have some cognitive function" and the ability to "respond to his environment," but not to "interact" with it "in a more proactive way." 

This is the closest we come to SCHIAVO, but the feeding tube had become dislodged, and surgical intervention was required for a fourth time.  The wife declined the surgical procedure. 



Michael Schiavo, who graduated as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), was deposed on November 19, 1993.   Michael Schiavo further admitted under oath that he was informed by "many doctors" that his wife could feel pain.  Michael Schiavo, as guardian for his incapacitated wife fss§ 744.3215(1)(d), willfully admits solicitation of the Sable Palms Nursing Home fss§ 777.04(b), with intent to do bodily harm to the person of Theresa Schiavo, a third degree felony fss§ 825.102(c), assisting in self murder fss§ 782.08, a second degree felony, with full knowledge that the act could/would result in sepsis [sic] (septic shock), resulting in death, a premeditated act fss§ 782.04(1)(a) and a first degree felony.  This also is a felony under fss§843.0855(3)-Simulating Legal Process. 

A male caller on 4-7-2005 @ 1355 hrs EDT, identifying himself as Detective "Kline" or Cline" (he hung up), stated that Pinellas County is not/would not investigate this matter.

click here for Deposition transcript excerpts

click here for FULL Deposition transcript

Doctrine Of "Unclean Hands"

The Doctrine of "Unclean Hands" states that a party who requests the judgment cannot have the court's assistance if he/she did anything unethical related to the lawsuit's subject. Therefore, the plaintiff's complaint will be dismissed or denied judgment if the defendant can prove that the defendant had "Unclean Hands."

Because of his 1993 Solicitation of the Sable Palms Nursing home to do bodily harm to his wife, an illegal act, further knowing that she could feel pain, Michael Schiavo appears to fall under the Doctrine of "Unclean Hands." 

Mr. Michael Schiavo then continued to state under oath on page 88 of his deposition, that he knows that his wife, Theresa (Terri) Schiavo can feel pain, 'because doctors have told him.'  When asked which doctors, he states under oath: "many of them." When asked specifically if Theresa Schiavo's doctor is included, Michael Schiavo's reply is "sure."  Any further appearance in a court of law should have been challenged by a knowledgeable attorney, because of the doctrine of "Unclean Hands."  

"Unclean hands" can be used as an affirmative defense in cases where the complaint is equitable.  As Proxy Guardian, Judge George W. Greer was responsible for ensuring a "reliable outcome" for the ward, and, as a judge, is held to a higher standard than the standard for the average attorney. But the dirtiest hands of all belonged to Judge George W. Greer, for serving as "Proxy Guardian," an act forbidden by Statutory Laws of the State of Florida. 

Judge George Greer, with the full knowledge of the Chief Judge of the 6th Circuit, plus State and Federal Judges, appointed himself (proxy) Guardian of the ward in substituted judgment (the judge became a litigant), an act prohibited by Florida State Statute 744.309(1)(b) ("No judge shall act as guardian after this law becomes effective, except when he or she is related to the ward by blood, marriage, or adoption, or has maintained a close relationship with the ward or the ward's family, and serves without compensation.").

By serving as both proxy guardian (a litigant) AND paid, sitting judge, impartiality could not be preserved, because judge Greer was unilaterally both Defendant and Judge, a Statutory Violation.  This unlawful representation of the ward and denial of right to counsel, ultimately caused the death of a Citizen of the United States Of America.

>>> "FRAUD UPON THE COURT" is where the court or a member is corrupted or influenced or influence is attempted or where the judge has not performed his judicial function --- thus where the impartial functions of the court have been directly corrupted."

Denial of SIXTH AMENDMENT Guarantee of Counsel

Judge George W. Greer, as UNLAWFUL Proxy Guardian for Theresa Schindler-Schiavo, by not providing an expert witness solely on behalf of the ward ("Ineffective Assistance of Counsel"), and failing to provide an affirmative defense against the above 1993 solicitation by Michael Schiavo to do bodily harm, a felony under Florida State Statutes, which would result in Michael Schiavo's disqualification as Guardian, and the right to appear in Substituted Judgment (to testify that his wife wanted to die), denied Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo her SIXTH AMENDMENT GUARANTEE TO COUNSEL.

Denial of "Substantive Due Process"

Judge Greer, himself, as Proxy for the Ward, Theresa Schiavo, provided "Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel" by virtue of his negligence to properly represent his ward. In so doing, Judge George W. Greer did not supply affirmative defense, thus allowing Michael Schiavo, with "Unclean Hands," to sit in substituted judgment for the ward, Theresa Schiavo.   This denied the ward, Theresa Schindler-Schiavo, "Substantive Due Process." 


Judge George W. Greer, as proxy for the ward, provided "Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel" by neglecting the prior solicitation of the Plaintiff to do bodily harm (a felony under Florida Statutes), while Michael Schiavo admitted exculpatory evidence (knowledge) of the ward's ability to feel pain.  

"Fraud Upon The Court"

A court cannot commit fraud.  A Judge is not the court (People v. Zajic, 88 Ill.App.3d 477, 410 N.E.2d 626 (1980)). The judge and attorneys are merely officers of the court. Only an officer of a court can commit "Fraud Upon The Court" (Bulloch v. United States, 763 F.2d 1115, 1121 (10th Cir. 1985)).  

"Fraud Upon The Court" vitiates (makes void) any ruling of that court.

Attorney George J. Felos, CHAIRMAN OF THE HOSPICE OF THE FLORIDA SUNCOAST, INC, had personal interests with the court, other than the representation of his client (Plaintiff) or the Schindlers (Defendants).  Attorney George J. Felos is listed on State Of Florida Corporate Annual Reports for 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001.  

A Hospice that enrolls Non-Terminal Patients Commits Fraud. A hospice that bills Medicare, Medicaid or a private insurer for a non-terminal patient is violating the contracts which allow hospices to provide services for the terminally ill. Click here

Should it be discovered that the ward was misdiagnosed, Attorney George J. Felos and the hospice could be libel for billions of dollars in compulsory and punitive damages from suits from other families whose loved ones lives might also have been similarly terminated  under the corporation known as THE HOSPICE OF THE FLORIDA SUNCOAST, INC.  In addition, Mr. Felos reported $15,000.00 speaking engagements and book sales, in which he claims to hear the voices, would also plummet.  

Hearing voices is still considered by clinical psychiatry as an auditory hallucination and as a symptom of conditions such as schizophrenic disorders, manic depression and psychosis. The usual treatment - major tranquillizers - are administered in order to reduce the delusions and hallucinations click here.    For other common symptoms and treatment, click here 

Attorney George J. Felos personal agenda was separate from the case at hand, and did not involve the Schindlers nor Michael Schiavo.  Mr. Felos agenda was aimed against the very framework of the Judicial System.

Conflict Of Interest

Attorney George J. Felos was the Theresa Schindler- Schiavo's Caregiver during  2000 (1999 covers to April 5, 2000), and 2001, as defined by Florida State Statute:

415.102(4)  -  click here  

Florida State Statute 415.102 - Definitions of terms used in ss. 415.101-415.113.--As used in ss. 415.101-415.113, the term:

(4)  "Caregiver" means a person who has been entrusted with or has assumed the responsibility for frequent and regular care of or services to a vulnerable adult on a temporary or permanent basis and who has a commitment, agreement, or understanding with that person or that person's guardian that a caregiver role exists. "Caregiver" includes, but is not limited to, relatives, household members, guardians, neighbors, and employees and volunteers of facilities as defined in subsection (8). For the purpose of departmental investigative jurisdiction, the term "caregiver" does not include law enforcement officers or employees of municipal or county detention facilities or the Department of Corrections while acting in an official capacity.


But There's MORE !


Florida State Statute 415.102 - Definitions of terms used in ss. 415.101-415.113

(5)  "Deception" means a misrepresentation or concealment of a material fact relating to services rendered, disposition of property, or the use of property intended to benefit a vulnerable adult.


WHOA !   Hold the presses!


Florida State Statute 415.102 - Definitions of terms used in ss. 415.101-415.113

(15)  "Neglect" means the failure or omission on the part of the caregiver to provide the care, supervision, and services necessary to maintain the physical and mental health of the vulnerable adult, including, but not limited to, food, clothing, medicine, shelter, supervision, and medical services, that a prudent person would consider essential for the well-being of a vulnerable adult. The term "neglect" also means the failure of a caregiver to make a reasonable effort to protect a vulnerable adult from abuse, neglect, or exploitation by others. "Neglect" is repeated conduct or a single incident of carelessness which produces or could reasonably be expected to result in serious physical or psychological injury or a substantial risk of death.


Hmm !


Attorney George J. Felos was the Caregiver for Theresa Schindler- Schiavo, used property intended to benefit a vulnerable adult - about $400,000.00 of Theresa's award for rehabilitation, and used these funds for the purpose of terminating her life, "which produces or could reasonably be expected to result in serious physical or psychological injury or a substantial risk of death." 


This appears to be a CONFLICT !


BUT, Attorney George J. Felos was also the attorney of record for Michael Schiavo, when he came before the court, and actively sought legal intervention for the termination of the life of the ward in his care.  Hospice Attorneys George J. Felos and Deborah Bushnell used property intended to benefit a vulnerable adult - about $470,000.00 of Theresa's award for rehabilitation.

Then there's that nasty Florida Statute that ties this together, and makes this a felony fss§825.103(2)(b)

Judge George Greer can't be that blind. Greer knew the law, but maybe those campaign contributions by Hospice attorneys got in his way.

In substituted Judgment, Felos represented both the person of Michael Schiavo, and the ward, Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo, through the person of Michael Schiavo.  

If a November 19, 1993 deposition of Michael Schiavo, a graduate Emergency Medical Technician, stating that his wife could feel pain, was placed next to Judge George Greer's order to withhold ALL food and water, and that was placed next to Florida's Constitution, Article 1, Section 17, "Cruel and Unusual Punishment," and that was placed next to attorney George J. Felos income from "Right To Die" book sales, speaking engagements, et., and that was placed next to Attorney Felos written press release of how peaceful she looked, and that was placed next to Felos $400,000.00 bill, paid from the money awarded to the dying Theresa Schiavo, and that was placed next to the birth certificates of Michael Schiavo's children by another woman, placed next to bone-scans of fractures of the wife:  people might be asking if an actual fraud, crime, Color Of Law (civil rights), or Constitution Violation (EIGHT AMENDMENT) was committed.

Obstruction Of Justice

Because of the national focus on Hospice, should any finding other than PVS be upheld, potential lawsuits against Hospice now outweighed those that could be brought based on the Schindler family's potential suit for wrongful death, which would be easily absorbed by the coffers of hospice, compared to a wrong diagnosis, and the re-opening of many other cases by families who were involved with hospice under similar circumstances. Should bodies start being exhumed, and lawsuits be brought against the Hospice, doctors, staff, and board members, Hospice could be bankrupt.

Of prime interest to Plaintiff's counsel was the suppression of any exculpatory evidence, or any further medical diagnosis of the ward that would cast doubt, or be contrary to to the Status Quo diagagnosis.  All discovery must be discredited.  

Plaintiff's Counsel, George Felos, now stood to lose much more from his years as a Hospice Board Member, than as attorney for Michael Schiavo.  Because of this, and other factors, attorney George J. Felos had a personal INTEREST and "hidden agenda" in the Schiavo case. 

Further obstruction of justice occurred when the ward, under proxy guardianship of Judge George W. Greer, was denied further potential discovery by the Florida Department Of Children And Families, denying a "reliable outcome" due to another question of "Unclean Hands" by the husband, sitting in Substituted Judgment. 


Judge George W. Greer further discriminated against the Civil Rights of Theresa Schindler -Schiavo in death, by not allowing her the standard of care given to other dying people.  The standard of care includes the allowing of ice chips to the lips, and other care, including but not limited to religious freedom, and her Constitutional Guarantee to partake of religious Sacraments and rights of her religion.

Violation Of Constitutional Law

We now visit the constitutional aspects of Judge George Greer's ruling.  The ruling that a Citizen Of The Sovereign State Of Florida can be deprived of NATURAL nutrition and hydration, violates the constitution of the Sovereign State Of Florida, Article 1, Section 17, "Cruel and Unusual Punishment," as defined in the EIGHT AMENDMENT to the Constitution Of The United States Of America. The fact that Michael Schiavo has full knowledge that Theresa Schiavo can feel pain, compounds this act.  The denial by Greer of the Defendant's Motion for natural hydration, reaffirms Greer's defiance of constitutional law.

Judge George W. Greer further became a principle in this action by sitting as proxy for the ward, yet neglecting to inform himself of the medical condition of the ward as to her ability to feel pain, as clearly stated in the Plaintiffs deposition of November 19, 1993, page 88.

Judge George W. Greer is NOT the court; he is merely an officer of the court.

"Warring Against The Constitution" - An Act of TREASON 

 By denying a citizen of the Sovereign State Of Florida the standard of care allowed to other citizens, Judge Judge W. Greer  Warred Against The Constitution (Warring Against The Constitution) of both the Sovereign State Of Florida, and the Constitution Of the United States Of America.


Judge Greer, having knowledge of all the above, and being the proxy guardian of and for the person of the ward, Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo, provided Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel for the ward, as detailed below.  This was done by means of Partiality shown to the Hospice contributors to Judge George W. Greer's war chest.


We now visit the matter of Michael Schiavo's Stalking of the Schindler family members. Stalking encompasses much more than is commonly perceived. Stalking is well defined by Attorney Neil Miller J.D., Principle Research Associate for The Institute For Law And Justice, whom the State Of Florida is a client.  

Since at no time did Michael Schiavo, in Substituted Judgment, express that Theresa Schindler-Schiavo did not want her family excluded for any reason, nor express a desire not to participate in her religious beliefs and rituals, the actions of Mr. Michael Schiavo readily fit the description of Harassment and STALKING, as defined in the Final Report of Attorney Neal Miller J.D. on Stalking.  Attorney Miller's Final Report for The Institute For Law and Justice can be found by clicking here

The State Of Florida is one of many states who are clients of the Institute For Law And Justice.  Other clients include The U.S. Department Of Justice, The U.S. Navy, The I.R.S. and more: click here

Judicial Immunity

Judge George W. Greer, and those who carry out the orders of the judge, enjoy "Judicial Immunity."


The removal of natural food and liquids is not within the scope of fss§ 765.  

One judge has managed to divide a country. The fact that the  ward did not aspirate saliva, is prima face evidence of her ability to swallow.

The fact that Michael Schiavo admitted in sworn deposition that the ward feels pain, makes this one of the most heinous judicially mandated deaths by torture in American History.

Title XLIV
Chapter 765
View Entire Chapter

765.101  Definitions.--As used in this chapter:

(10)  "Life-prolonging procedure" means any medical procedure, treatment, or intervention, including *artificially* provided sustenance and hydration, which sustains, restores, or supplants a spontaneous vital function. The term does not include the administration of medication or performance of medical procedure, when such medication or procedure is deemed necessary to provide comfort care or to alleviate pain.

The medical community's view:

Physicians for Compassionate Care Educational Foundation