Author's note:

I, like many people, originally believed this was a family matter that turned into a dog and pony show, exploited by activist groups and the media. Many people are euthanized daily, from the baby in Texas, whose mother could no longer pay for the machinery necessary to keep him alive, to Schiavo.  But as we looked closer, this appeared more to be a case of murder, involving a judge, an attorney with his hand in the cookie jar to the tune of $400,000.00 of a looting of an estate, to a husband whose wife talked about divorcing, and whose hospital dx fit the pattern of a severe beating with skeletal trauma, complete with Hypokalemia, found in about 60% of trauma victims.

Our office investigated further, and found gross and unexplained/conflicting legal and medical issues. We are not affiliated with either side. This website is the result, and will be updated as information is verified by the source. 

Judge George Greer, with the full knowledge of the Chief Judge of the 6th Circuit and State and Federal Judges, including Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who turned his back on a serious Constitutional Issue, violated Florida State Statute fss§ 744.309(1)(b) and others, and caused the death of a Citizen of the United States Of America. 

"FRAUD UPON THE COURT" for a judge occurs when the impartial functions of the court have been directly corrupted. The ruling of that court is void. When a judge willfully breaks the law, he needs to be impeached. A petition to IMPEACH Judge George Greer can be found here.

Until I referenced Thomas Jefferson, founding father of our country, I had believed that President George W. Bush and his brother Jeb Bush, had erred by getting involved in the Schiavo Case, but I was wrong:

"It is the duty of the General Government to guard its subordinate members from the encroachments of each other, even when they are made through error or inadvertence, and to cover its citizens from the exercise of powers not authorized by law."

  --Thomas Jefferson: Official Opinion, 1790. ME 3:88

Ever wake up and not be able to move?
Ever wake up not knowing what day it was?
Ever not be able to figure out words of a foreign language?
Ever go to a dentist and try to speak after a shot of Novocain?
Ever not pay attention to people talking to you?
Think of yourself as 70 years old, with a shrunken Cerebral Cortex
Now think of having all these conditions at once. 

- or -

Think of yourself as a computer, and someone stole your keyboard  and monitor.

If you live in Florida, you can be starved to death for having PVS.