Summary of the SCHIAVO Case:

After reportedly talking to her brother, Robert Schindler, and a close friend, Jackie Rhodes about divorcing her husband, Theresa Schindler-Schiavo was admitted in a non-responsive state to Humana Northside Hospital ER on February 25, 1990, with head trauma, similar to that caused from a blow to the back of the head, and presenting with seizures, tachycardia and cardiac arrhythmias, coma, and elevated RBC count.   These symptoms are associated with SEVERE TRAUMA and also found in acute nicotine poisoning (found in multiple nicotine tabs for smokers, or ingestion of nicotine containing insecticides, such as "Black Leaf 40," or similar toxin. 

She also presented with skeletal trauma, elevated serum glucose, and Hypokalemia (low serum Potassium), found in 50% to 68% of TRAUMA VICTIMS, according to National Institute of Health (NIH) research

Skeletal trauma  to Theresa Schindler-Schiavo, consistent with physical spousal abuse2, reinforced by the stiff  neck noted in the hospital release report and March 5, 1991 bone scan report, was detected through Technetium uptake in the sacroiliac and ankle joints, L1, and  several ribs (consistent with a hard blow to the chest).  After 2 negative CT scans, a CT scan on 3/30/1990 revealed NONCOMMUNICATING HYDROCEPHALUS, usually caused by a blood clot obstructing the CSF outflow from the brain at the Foramen of Magendie.  This was not seen in two previous hospital radiology reports. 

Within 48 hours of admission to Northside Hospital, Michael Schiavo had his employer, Attorney Daniel Grieco, draw up papers to assign himself sole guardian of his wife, with the ability to make all legal and medical decisions on her behalf.  Michael Schiavo suppressed information and medical reports, including a hospital exam by Dr. Hamilton, an orthopedic surgeon, made shortly after admission.

Since Michael Schiavo controlled medical information and records, the Schindler family first became aware of the skeletal trauma in November 2002, after unsorted records were turned over to them through court ordered discovery.

Judge George Greer dismissed a motion that could have resulted in the indictment of Michael Schiavo for the attempted murder of his wife, referring to it as "interesting."   Hypokalemia (low serum potassium) is also caused by trauma (click here for the National Institute Of Health government research).  Other Doctors also questioned the causative hypokalemia dx click here.

Michael Schiavo stalked and threatened one of his next girlfriends, Cindy Shook (married surname: Brasher), for almost a year after they broke up, and even attempted to run her car off the road.  While intimately involved with her, he euthanized his wife's cats (Cindy Shook had a dog). Click Here for Cindy Shook's  deposition.

A reportedly forgotten "smoking gun" - a deposition of Michael Schiavo, a graduate Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), revealed that the husband knew that his wife, Theresa Schindler- Schiavo, could feel pain.  In that same November 19, 1993 deposition, Michael Schiavo, as guardian of his incapacitated wife (and her $763,000.00) fss§ 744.3215(1)(d), willfully admits CRIMINAL SOLICITATION by ordering the Sable Palms Nursing Home to not treat an infection that could result  in the death of his wife fss§ 777.04(b), with intent to do bodily harm to the person of Theresa Schiavo, a third degree felony fss§ 825.102(c), assisting in self murder fss§ 782.08, a second degree felony, with full knowledge that the act could/would result in sepsis [sic] (septic shock), resulting in death, a premeditated act fss§ 782.04(1)(a) and a first degree felony.  This also is a felony under fss§843.0855(3)-Simulating Legal Process.  This order was refused by the Sable Palms Nursing Home according to Michael Schiavo, who was informed by the nursing home that his request violated Florida Law.  Mr. Shciavo was in a relationship for eight months previously, and was 3 months into his current relationship.  A divorce could cost him the proceeds of his wife's portion of the lawsuit, and expose him to possible prosecution for abuse or attempted murder. 

Because of the above solicitation, Michael Schiavo is not qualified as a guardian under fss§ 744.309(3) by virtue of fss§ 435.03(2)(b) by virtue of fss§ 782.04(2)(i).  Any of the above also falls under the Doctrine Of Unclean Hands, an Affirmative Defense which would have prevented Michael Schiavo any access to the court as a plaintiff in an action.

According to Department of Children and Families supervisor Susan McPhee, Michael had denied Terri medical treatment and isolated her in her hospice room with the blinds closed.  Her treatment was so bad that four teeth had to be pulled in 2004, to allow her to live long enough to be put to death by court order.  read more

The "FELO DE SE" Substituted Judgment sentence of starvation, doubly compounded by the court-ordered withholding of water in ANY form, triply compounded by pain without anesthetic, quadrupled by such a strong will to live that the victim struggled for life for an unprecedented 13 days (compared to the original estimate of 7 - 10 days), appears to make the Schiavo case a textbook Eight Amendment violation of the U.S. Constitution, and a violation of The Constitution Of The State Of Florida, Article 1, Section 17.   A recent video indicates this ability is still intact, and the ward moves head, then reaches upward with her left hand, followed by her right hand.  click here  Due to lack of physical therapy, joint pain and stiffness result  click here, and her range of motion is between 3 to 4. The fact that she is not seen to drool, is prima-face evidence of her ability to swallow liquids, making her dx inconsistent with PVS, and possibly the need for a feeding tube, which saves nursing facilities staff time by not having to spoon feed residents.

The Hospice Of The Florida Suncoast, Inc was obligated by Federal Law governing a Hospice; 42 CFR 418.60: Condition of participation--Continuation of care.  A hospice may not discontinue or diminish care provided to a Medicare beneficiary because of the beneficiary's inability to pay for that care. This law held Hospice and Hospice Chairman (attorney) George J. Felos financially accountable. 

Attorney George J. Felos, as Chairman and Board Member of Hospice [as defined in FSS§415.102(8)], was Theresa Schiavo's "CAREGIVER" [as defined in FSS§415.102(4)] and used $400,000.00 of the ward's funds  [as defined in FSS§415.102(5),(7)(a)(1),(7)(2)(b)(4)] to commit NEGLECT [as defined in FSS§415.102(15)], and Judge George W. Greer was the ward's PROXY GUARDIAN, during which time similar Statutory Laws applied to the judge.  But Judge George Greer violated Florida State Statute 744.309(1)(b) and Canon 5(E)1 and 2 of the Florida Judicial Canons, by serving as Proxy Guardian (Greer became a litigant).   This resulted in the judge and the attorney committing FRAUD UPON THE COURT.  This, together with the husband who came before the court with UNCLEAN HANDS, subjected Theresa Schiavo to a cruel and unusual death by withholding ALL nutrition (food) and hydration (liquids).  Discrimination, in the form of withholding ice chips normally given to a dying patient, was discriminately withheld from the starving, dying ward, by the heinous Order of Judge George W. Greer, while attorney George J. Felos told the media how peaceful she looked. 

Religious justification for euthanasia: Father Gerard Murphy, a Roman Catholic Priest, erroneously testified on January 24, 2000, as an "expert witness" on behalf of Michael Schiavo, that the Pope  set the tone for the Catholic Church's position on End Of Life Decisions, and that "pulling the plug" is ok.  This was later contradicted in affidavit by Bishop Robert N. Lynch, and the present teachings of  Pope John Paul II, known for his anti-euthanasia, Pro-Life, steadfast SANCTITY OF LIFE stance.  The Papacy requested intervention in the Schiavo Case on behalf of the Vatican, the Papal seat of the Roman Catholic Church.  

>>> Note: According to a spokesperson for the Saint Petersburg Dioceses, Father Gerard Murphy was never a spokesperson or consultant for the Dioceses, and had a rare and painful bone disease.  At no time did he speak for the Dioceses, or the position of the Catholic Church.  Father Gerard Murphy's January 2000 testimony was in direct conflict with the directive of Pope John Paul II, religious Head of the Roman Catholic Church.  This was properly and timely presented by Attorney David C. Gibbs, attorney of record for the Schindlers, which Judge George Greer, a real estate attorney for 22 years, promptly ignored.  Judge George W. Greer was requested not to return to his own Baptist Church in a letter from his Pastor sent to the courthouse.


It will be interesting if George W. Greer is included in a wrongful death action, not as a judge with judicial immunity, but as self-appointed "litigant" in the form of Proxy Guardian of Theresa Schiavo.

Felos and Greer appear to have maliciously prosecuted the Schindler family, limiting visitation, preventing photography by the parents of their own daughter, and authorizing the hiring of guards to enforce this, while using funds from Theresa Schiavo's trust.

Exculpatory discovery had to be suppressed by Greer  to preserve the Status Quo dx of PVS, otherwise, Felos, Greer, Schiavo, the hospice, et., could be libel for possible billions in compulsory and punitive damages for medical malpractice/fraud/wrongful death/collusion/misuse of Federal Funds/et., in TS and other patients.   Exculpatory "evidence" reportedly surfaced: some of the brain and skeletal trauma  possibly occurred AFTER the ward entered the hospital, and / was consistent with abuse and / or trauma, according to an experienced Radiologist. 

This marks the first time in history that world opinion, including the Vatican, was divided because a judge and an attorney, together with a husband, got together to heinously torture an American Citizen to death.  BUT this time - they left a paper trail.