Terri discusses getting a divorce from Michael Schiavo with her brother Bobby


Several weeks prior to Terri’s collapse, Terri had a breakdown at a Bennigans Restaurant.  It was the first time Terri had ever discussed how unhappy she was in her relationship with Michael, although it was suspected by her demeanor when she was around Michael.  


I remember that we were sitting and having dinner with Michael, his brother Brian, and Terri asked me to go with her to the restroom.  Just outside the restroom in the hallway, Terri turned to me and started to cry.  I asked her what was wrong and she said that she wanted to divorce Michael.  I remember asking if she spoke to mom and dad about this, and Terri was adamant about not letting my father know how unhappy she was.  Terri was always very protective of my father, never wanting to upset him with any of her personal problems. 


I didn’t know what to say to Terri other than to try and comfort her.  I remember being taken back how much resentment she had in her voice when she spoke about Michael and how unhappy she was being married to him.  She had a tough time settling down and kept repeating to me, “Bobby, I wish I had the guts to divorce him because I would in a second.” 


This was the only time that Terri spoke to me about getting divorced from Michael.  It wasn’t too long after this conversation that Terri collapsed.