"ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that absent a stay from the appellate courts, the guardian, MICHAEL SCHIAVO, shall cause the removal of nutrition and hydration from the ward, THERESA SCHIAVO, at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, March 18, 2005." click here for ruling

The SCHIAVO case marks the first time that a judge has UNLAWFULLY ordered the death of an American Citizen by the removal of NATURAL food and liquids.   Greer also judicially limited an individual's retained Constitutional Right to practice their religion.  All prior cases involved the "WITHHOLDING OF ARTIFICIAL LIFE-PROLONGING PROCEDURES."  

Judge George W. Greer forbid anyone to give Theresa Marie Schiavo one drop of water, and for the first time in modern history, judicially prevented a Christian from fully exercising their faith by limiting their intake of sacramental wine, believed by Catholics to be the blood of Jesus.

  • Florida Statute §765.306  only allows the withholding of  "life-prolonging procedures."   click here

  • Greer's Final Order  ordered the removal of ALL nutrition and hydration (food and liquids).  click here

  • To "permit any affirmative or deliberate act or omission to end life"  is forbidden by Florida Statute (withholding NATURAL  nutrition and liquids) §765.309(1).  Greer not only permitted it, he ORDERED IT.  click here

  • Since the act in Judge Greer's Order is forbidden by Florida Statute, and Theresa Schiavo retained her Constitutional Rights, Greer appears culpable, but cannot be prosecuted because of "Judicial Immunity".


The removal of ALL nutrition and hydration conflicts with both state and federal law, and with established case law, or "STARE DECISIS."  Only the withholding of ARTIFICIAL nutrition and hydration is permitted.  A Federal Panel MUST rely on previous Supreme Court Opinions.

Look for the HIGHLIGHTED or BOLD Red type, for the word "ARTIFICIAL" in the cases cited below:


Theresa Schiavo retained all Constitutional Rights.  The right to natural food and liquids (nutrition and hydration) cannot be taken from an American Citizen in a court of law.  Greer ordered both NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL hydration and nutrition be removed by Michael Schiavo, thus putting Michael Schiavo under the umbrella of Judicial Immunity.

But both came before the court with "unclean hands" (a judge is not the court).  This case documents a judge acting as both litigant (proxy guardian) and sitting judge, thus committing "Fraud Upon the Court."  This voids any order of that court. 

Greer had to protect himself - this woman could swallow her saliva (you never saw her drooling), so she could certainly survive with a liquefied food.  Greer's career would end.

Greer refers to the original ruling of the removal of ARTIFICIAL hydration and nutrition, which is lawful under Florida statute (if SCHIAVO really had PVS, instead of the after affects of what appears to be attempted murder). - click here for 2005 reference

In all previous cases reviewed, only artificial means of sustaining life were addressed.  Judge George W. Greer ordered the withdrawal of ALL forms of hydration and nutrition, not merely ARTIFICIAL means, as stipulated in all other cases.  This imposes a death warrant, a guaranteed sentence of death by starvation by the judiciary itself.  In a later motion, Greer re-affirmed his ruling.  

Judge George W. Greer violated Theresa Schindler-Schiavo's statutory retained right to be treated humanely - culpably disallowing hydration, including ice chips (a standard of care) and food to be administered naturally, as allowed to any other (dying) patient - fss§ 744.3215(1)(d), by the guardian, who testified under oath in deposition, that the ward could feel pain click here.  This violates The Florida Constitution, Article I, Section 17, and the EIGHTH AMENDMENT to the United States Constitution.

The SCHIAVO Case sets a DANGEROUS precedent for the judiciary to remove all food and water from other sick or incapacitated United States Citizens, who would be able to sustain themselves by NATURAL feeding.


**It is interesting to note that HOSPICE Board Member Guy Hancock, is a Veterinarian, and could be prosecuted for inhumanely withholding water from an animal in his care.