A Special Thanks To Judge George Greer


A special thanks to Judge Greer for unlawfully acting as her Guardian and hanging in there to make sure Theresa Schiavo died a painful death after 13 days of starvation, and forbidding her liquids in ANY form, after Michael Schaivo admitted in deposition that doctors told him she could feel pain, and for Michael Schiavo's years of dedicated sensatory deprivation and withholding joint exorcise for his wife, ensuring brain atrophy (brain shrinkage and decline of mental functions) and painful joint stiffness. 

Greer was honored at the Heritage Springs Golf and Country Club, 11345 Robert Trent Jones Parkway, by the Pasco County Bar Association. ``He's getting this award for all of his contributions on the bench, not just the Schiavo case,'' said Port Ritche lawyer Alan Scott Miller. ``It's like a lifetime achievement award for an actor.''

Michael Schiavo may have said she 'didn't want to live that way,' but I can find no documentation or hearsay that she wished to have herself  slowly killed or be forcibly starved and dehydrated to death. Michael Schiavo kept his promise to kill her, and had it engraved on her tombstone.

This picture and article in the Saint Petersburg Times newspaper tells what others are saying:  http://www.sptimes.com/2005/06/22/Tampabay/Schiavo_grave_stirs_f.shtml