Hypokalemia has been reported following elevated serum nicotine levels.  click here


Acute Nicotine Poisoning will also aid in some of Theresa Schiavo's symptoms, BUT WILL NOT ACCOUNT FOR TRAUMA.  "Black Leaf 40," a Nicotine containing insecticide, was pulled from the market in 1992.  "Black Leaf 40" insecticide should not be added to iced tea, because a hospital might not do a toxicology screening for this common compound.

According to the EPA, the Signs and Symptoms of Acute Nicotine Poisoning include:

  • arrythmias

  • dyspnea

  • respiratory failure

  • unconsciousness

  • hypertension and tachycardia may precede hypotension and bradycardia, with the latter two signs leading to shock. 

  • Seizures

  • Nicotine decreases 50% every 1 - 2 hours